help find my cousin.

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“My name is Jasmine Edwards i worked at ihop in Evansville indiana as you can see i got hurt at work.A lady hit me with a glass of milk and i had to get 8 stitches.My boss told me that it was fired and that my people didnt know how to act,I didnt do anything wrong customers even said that i handled the situation very well.Any way he fired me and another lady for standing up for me.This is not right and i ask that you Please Share-thanks”

This is so fucked up. Please share this photo.

Source:  http://m.courierpress.com/news/2014/feb/03/police-thrown-glass-of-milk-breaks-injures-ihop/

It says she knew the person who attacked her and they didn’t get along before. The person who threw the glass claims self defense.
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Not being missed back is a shitty feeling for sure

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Kiss From a Stranger Saves a Suicidal Man
 In Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, a sixteen-year-old boy was standing on a bridge, threatening to jump off and end his life. Hundreds of onlookers watched in horror as he refused to cross back onto the safe side of the guardrail. Police had arrived and were talking to the boy, but no one could get through to him. Just then, Liu Wenxiu, a nineteen-year-old hotel waitress, was walking home from work when she saw the boy and knew that she had to do something to help him. Wenxiu had once been suicidal herself, so she knew how the boy felt. Telling police that she was his girlfriend, the girl managed to get close enough to talk to the boy. She shared her own sad and difficult life story, listened to his, and showed him the scar on her wrist from where she had tried to commit suicide herself.  “He said he’s hopeless, ‘so don’t waste your time to save me’. But I told him, ‘I’m not saving your life, I just want you to realize how silly you are being. Look at me, I’ve been there and I’m now here,’” Wenxiu said. Finally, the girl was able to lean in and give him a hug, and then she unexpectedly gave him a kiss, as well. Police were then able to take the knife that the boy was holding and lead him back over to the safe side of the bridge.

I could not ignore this. 


I’m scared enough about love as it is, reading this has made it 100 times more terrifying. 


What book is this ?


Today I was out walking in short shorts, and I heard some girls whisper as they walked by. ‘Ugh, why would she even wear shorts if they are gonna show off her gross stretch marks?’ Hearing things like this makes me so angry.
Let me clarify that my stretch marks are not gross. They are little stripes on my skin that my loving boyfriend cannot seem to stop kissing or running his fingers over.
Everyday I look at them covering my thighs and bum, all I can think of is how I have now lost the weight that I had once gained so quickly, shedding it off with eating better and exercise.
Please, anyone, when you see someone out walking or doing exercise and they have stretch marks on them, don’t make fun of them. 
Stretch marks are not something to look down upon. They do not always occur on people who have gained weight. People get them from gaining muscle too quickly as well, and losing weight too fast. They are not ugly. They are not ‘gross.’ They are a sign of growth.


Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen